Use the free template to print your label in four steps.
Printing your label is fast and easy. You can use all of your familiar program functions. Click on Download to save the template on your hard disk. Then double-click on the file to open the template.
Open the template for Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect or Adobe InDesign.

The picture templates are only available for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.
Save the template in a special folder so that you can find it again quickly. Now you can design your custom label. Set the view in MS Word to "Print Layout" so that you can see the format settings and page margins. This setting is in the "View" menue. Click on "Print Layout".
If the template is displayed as a blank page, it’s probably because the gridlines are not visible. Open the “Table” menu and click on “Show Gridlines”. The gridlines should now be visible.

Word 2007:
Select the “Design” tab, click on “Borders” and select “View Gridlines”. The gridlines should now be visible in the template.

Saving and printing:
Save the changed document with a new name and print it out.

As a check, first print the document on a sheet of paper to see if you get the intended results..

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